On the evening of December the 8th 2012 my old friend Steve Andrews was senselessly killed while out celebrating his lovely partner Kerry’s birthday.

Now, not only are his family, and Kerry faced with the loss of Steve, but they will have to pay to have his body  repatriated to NZ from London, to be buried. It’s an expensive business…and just another pain heaped on top of this tragic death.

   We, his friends, want to help with this… and are fundraising to help cover the cost for Steve’s family and Kerry.

In Wellington, New Zealand friends of ours are doing a FUNDRAISING GIG on the 20th of January. You can buy ATTENDING and NONATTENDING tickets on the link.. PLEASE BUY ONE. This money is going directly towards helping with the repatriation expenses.

Likewise…You can donate in a few other ways…

In NEW ZEALAND you can pay directly from any account to…

Steve Appeal
ANZ Bank - 06 0577 0173774 00

Or you can use PAYPAL from anywhere in the World!!!

The account to send to is


Please donate ANYTHING you can…it all helps.

Steve was a great guy, funny, talented, loving, and one of us. Let’s get him home.


Love and tanks,

Rufus Dayglo 


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