sonnydawg asked - "Last question. I promise. ;D What's the best advice you have for someone who has very minimal drawing skill but would like to get better and one day be able to work on comics as well. I love comics, and I'd love to be able to write/draw them; I'm just very lousy when it comes to drawing. THANKS!"

Heya Sonny! The best and only solution….is to draw. draw everything you see. All the time. Draw every day. We ALL do lots of bad drawings…I have boxes full of them myself, it’s just you have to keep trying.

 Be positive. Concentrate on improving, not thinking you are ‘lousy’. ENJOY drawing…and it will be your best friend…. But like a friend you have to be supportive, and be positive!

     It’s really as simple as that… keep drawing…and have fun!

Merry Christmas! xxxx


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