I’ll be in Montenegro this week, sketching and signing, hanging out with amazing artists and writers, admiring the Med, burning in the sun, and partying late at night!
I hope I’ll see you there!!!
Ruf xxx
TANK GIRL - Face Off!!!
The lovely Jessica Bosch styled this great Tank Girl inspired shoot, based on art done by Gerry Talaoc and I!

Photographer - Janice Quijano

Stylist - Jessica Bosch

Make up  - Mariana Hernandez

Model - Vany Viscious
Art Director - Daze 
Ever since I was little, I looooved Mike Golden's art.
 I was obsessed with Marvel’s ‘The Nam’, and when Mike was last in London I arranged a commission, but he was really busy. I received it today… and I am so blown away. 
This is A4!!! It’s as good as any of the covers he did, and I really will keep this forever. 
It’s going up above my desk.
I have a LOT to learn.
 Thank you to Renee Witterstaetter and James O’Barr…. and of course, Mike Golden. Meeting your heroes is so great.
I am so bloody lucky….

Ruf xxx
I’m a time bomb, baby!Colour art fro the Herceg Novi Comics Con in September!
Really excited to be there!

thepoisonyouthscreamforever asked - "hey man, what do you think about someone using a piece of your work for a tattoo?"

I’m always really honoured when people get my work tattooed on them. I have tattoos myself of some of my favourite comics, and I know what a commitment it is.

  I’ve met some awesome people with my art on them, and I’m very grateful for their support.

XXX Rufus

I am a guest at the BIRMINGHAM International Comics Expo - SATURDAY 2nd August at The Studio, Canon Street, 10 am - 17:30 pm.

I’m giving an Art Master class between 15:00 - 16:30 pm in the Master Class room. I’ll be talking about turning a script into finished art, and my art process. 
Hopefully see some of you there!


zombiegirlfriend asked - "So my gf and I are going to do tank and jet for Halloween. My friend is making a patch for my jacket. Any ideas on a good patch idea for jet?"

I’d recommend the 633 Squadron patch! <3 

Happy Bombing!!!!! Kaboooooooom!



I&#8217;m Batman&#8230;.who the fuck are you?? in colour!
I digitally coloured the toned B&amp;W art commission&#8230; and was pleasantly surprised.
I might do this as a Print for some Convention appearances this year. 
And now&#8230;.back to work&#8230;

I&#8217;m Batman. With apologies to Frank Miller. A Tank Girl commission piece.
Nice way to spend your Sunday&#8230; luke warm coffee, war films, and drawing Batman&#8230;. decapitated&#8230;

Poster art for the Herceg Novi Comics festival I&#8217;ll be at in September!( no logo on it yet&#8230; details to follow shortly&#8230;)
I&#8217;ll be a guest at ICE ( International Comics Expo ) in Birmingham on Saturday 2nd August! I&#8217;ll be giving an hour and a half class on what I&#8217;ll loosely call my &#8216;art process&#8217;, and have lots of my original art there for people to look through!Come along and support this great independent Expo!
&lt;3 XXXXX Ruf
SMASH IT UP! Captain Sensible inspired Tank Girl commission XXX

A Judge Dredd pin up, hopefully for 2000ad's sketch book thing&#8230; It&#8217;s from &#8216;City of the Damned&#8217;, one of my favourite stories when I was a kid&#8230;drawn originally drawn by Steve Dillon!
If I haven&#8217;t missed the deadline by a million years&#8230;who knows&#8230; Only Tharg knows&#8230;